Siam Country Club Pattaya Waterside

Regulations for Golfers and Use of Golf Course
The Regulations are implemented for the benefits of all golfers in using the golf course, as follows


  1. Golf rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and local rules of Siam Country Club Pattaya Waterside shall be applied.
  2. One member shall be entitled to invite guests to the golf course every day; maximum 4 guests on weekdays and 3 guests on weekends and holidays.
  3. Groups

    3.1 On weekdays, a group of 5 golfers is allowed when accompanied by a member of the Golf Course and golf cart usages are compulsory. On weekends and public holidays, a group shall consist of a maximum of 4 golfers.
    3.2 All golfers of the Golf Course are required to use golf carts and caddies in accordance with Regulations of the Golf Course.
    3.3 All golfers must register at the pro-shop prior to play.
  4. The Golf Course welcomes up to 1 months advance T-time reservation. The reservation can be made on Mondays through Sundays from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. by providing name, Membership Identification Number, and number of golfers. Cancellation must be notified to the Golf Course via telephone or facsimile transmission in advance at least 7 days prior to the reserved tee time. The Golf Course may suspend Member's right to advance tee time reservation for 1 month as a result of failure to such notification.
  5. Golfers have to report to the Starter at least 10 minutes prior to tee off time and must be ready to tee off. Any lateness may result in a delayed tee time or a cancellation of the game for the day.
  6. Single player is not entitled for advance tee time reservation, and on circumstances the single player may be asked to join with other golfers depending on the availability of tee time. Advance reservation is for group of 2 or more golfers.
  7. Non-handicapped golfers, who does not receive handicap from any golf course, may NOT be entitled to play on weekends and holidays whose decision is based on the Golf Courses.
  8. Please be generous by permitting other golfers to join up with your group as coordinated and arranged by a Starter or a Marshal.
  9. The Golf Course reserves its rights to close the golf course for tournament competition. Competition schedule will be posted in front of the Clubhouse 15 days in advance. Competition players have priority in sequencing over other golfers.
  10. Golfers should be properly attired at all time, including wearing shirts with collar, keeping shirt under trousers, and etc. Golfers should use only soft-spiked golf shoes, and metal-spiked shoes are NOT allowed. Non-shirts are NOT allowed.
  11. Golfers should use their own golf clubs and bag. Joint-uses of golf clubs and bag in the same group are NOT allowed.
  12. Each Golfer must hire one caddy to carry the golf bag. Self golf bag carrying or cart pulling is not allowed.
  13. The golf game must be started from hole 1 or hole 10. Tee off from any other holes must be approved by the Starter.
  14. Golfers should play without undue delays or create interruptions to the following group or other groups. Pace of play is 2.15 hours/9 holes and 4.30 hours/18 holes.
  15. Golfers should remind their caddies to replace divots, repair ball mark, rake the bunkers, or fix tracing on greens in every applicable occasion; If a caddy fails to follow the reminder, please report caddy's name and caddy number to a Marshal or management.
  16. Practices or lessons are NOT allowed in the golf course (one ball only).
  17. No children under 8 years are permitted to enter and use the Golf Course.
  18. Starters and Marshals are to provide their services to golfers to ensure enjoyment of golf games according to the rules and regulations. Please support these officers to conduct their duties fairly and honestly. Please report the management of any misconduct.
  19. Food and drink from outside are NOT allowed in the golf course.
  20. Golfers are required to observe cleanliness and well-mannered in the Golf Course.
  21. In the event that the game of golf is unplayable due to the heavy rain, golfer must wait for signal from the golf course to continue play.
  22. Gambling is NOT allowed in the golf course.
  23. In case of golf ball has been hit out of course, the golfer has to assume full and all responsibilities and liabilities against all claims for losses or damages, including deaths and injuries, occurred from such out-of-course golf ball. Such accident must be reported to an officer of the Golf Course immediately.
  24. The Company and the Golf Course will not be responsible or liable for any injuries, accidents, and deaths in the golf course area including lost or damages of valuables and properties under any circumstances.
  25. Golfers should strictly comply with the Golf Course’s Rules and Regulations at all time. Offenders are subject to punishments as the Executive Committee deems appropriate.

Regulations for Use of Golf Carts
The Regulations are implemented for the benefits of all golfers in using golf carts, as follows


  1. Golfer requiring the rental golf cart is subjected to rate specified by the Executive committee. A golfer shall be required to use 1 golf cart and 1 caddy.
  2. Golfers will be responsible for any all damages, except normal deterioration, occurred while in use or in possession.
  3. Golf cart must be on designated drive ways only or “cart path only”.
  4. When a “cart path only” rule is in effect, a golf cart must remain on a cart path at all times.
  5. Signs, poles, rope lines, or any direction marks must be followed without exceptions.

Regulations for Clubhouses and Facilities Uses
The Regulations are implemented for the benefits of all members in using the Clubhouse, as follows


  1. The Clubhouse is opened daily from 06:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. A notice will be posted in advance in the event that a special function is planned.
  2. During the month of May to October, the Clubhouse and Golf Course will be closed every Monday except where it falls on public holiday, which it will be closed on the following day. The close of business on Monday during this period is not a permanent schedule and may change from time to time as it deems appropriate. A schedule of Monday closing will be posted in the Clubhouse.
  3. The Clubhouse is a private property which is reserved for members, guests of members, and guests of the Golf Course only.
  4. Persons who are entitled to use the Clubhouse and facilities are members, guest of members, and guests of the Golf Course.
  5. Persons who are entitled to use the Clubhouse and facilities are to be responsible for safety and proper behavior, including any activities which may cause disturbance or damage to any other persons, of their children and guests when using the Clubhouse and facilities.
  6. The Golf Course shall not be held responsible for losses or damages of properties of Members or guests. Personal belongings such as sport accessories, toiletries, and clothes may be kept in provided lockers in the locker room. All valuables such as jewelries and money must be carried along at all times.
  7. No pets are allowed in the Golf Course and the Clubhouse area.
  8. No sleeping in the Clubhouse is allowed
  9. Driver should not enter the Clubhouse without a necessary cause.
  10. No food and drink from outside are allowed in the Clubhouse.
  11. No Clubhouse's items inside the locker room are allowed to be carried out.
  12. No gambling is allowed in the Clubhouse or the Golf Course.
  13. Members and guests are required to observe cleanliness, and orderly manners.
  14. Members and guests should be properly attired. Shirts with collar are preferable. Soft rubber spike shoes are preferable, and no metal spike shoes are allowed. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  15. Members and guests should properly behave and use only polite words at all times.

The Executive Committee Siam Country Club